Esquimalt Lagoon bird sanctuary area being ruined by traffic

Closing the loop to through traffic would help create a safer environment

Re: Struck pedestrian wants changes made (Gazette, Nov. 6)

Has everyone lost the purpose of the Ocean Boulevard and the bird sanctuary and for why it was built in the first place?

This area was supposed to be a beautiful park, not a commuter road for people who are only interested in speeding through.

Generally most parks that are focused like this one have only a main access and egress, not a high-speed, poorly maintained thoroughfare.

It’s actually a no-brainer to resolve the issues as put forth in your recent article, at very little cost.

Firstly, Ocean Boulevard should be closed with a turnaround (safety access only) at the public washrooms end, making it a closed-in, calming environment for the beach and birds.

Also, both Lagoon Road and Milburn Drive should be closed at the bottom, creating a local traffic only situation and removing the high-speed loop.

As a matter of interest, I have travelled this route many times as I live on Lagoon Road. There is little time saved by using the loop versus Metchosin and Sooke roads, and with the loop closed, people who are actually seeking a unique experience in the outdoors can enjoy it without potential to be run over.

With the loop closed, the extremely traffic-busy Lagoon and Milburn areas will achieve some safety and calming, which we have been seeking from the City of Colwood for a very long time with no success.

If this is not as simple as it seems, then calming bumps, more signs on all these roads and increased and continuous law enforcement is required to slow traffic down for the safety of all, as there are very fast and inconsiderate drivers here.

Any assistance at all would be appreciated.

Joanne Barr


Goldstream News Gazette