Electro Health Awareness Group can monitor radio frequencies

Dear editor,

We of the Comox Valley Electro Health Awareness Group would like to comment on the safety of the electro magnetic radio frequency radiation devices that we all own and use.

Health Canada’s regulations for these devices are almost 20 years old (1996). In the last two weeks, the Canadian Medical Association has stated criticism for the lack of protection by the regulation of electro magnetic radio frequency radiation within the Safety Code 6. The World Health Organization has classified these radio frequencies as a Class 2B (possible) carcinogen.

Think about mobile phones. We all use them as we did landline phones, pressed tightly to our ears. Do you know where the antenna is in your mobile phone? The radio frequency radiation fans out in all directions being most concentrated close to your phone. When you hold the phone to your ear, a quarter of the radio frequency is transmitting and receiving directly through your skull and brain tissues.

We have purchased a basic radiation frequency meter and are learning how to use it for home assessments. We will ask for a donation for this information service. If you want to be on our waiting list, please contact us at cvelectrohealth@gmail.com Chris Bruels


Comox Valley Electro Health Awareness Group



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