Editorial: We want to hear and see your point of view

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed the look of our editorial page has changed significantly this week.

From now on, we will be making a more concerted effort to include your views — not just on our letters page, but right here as well.

Each Wednesday, we will continue to ask you to participate in our online poll. We encourage you to go to our website and vote on our Question of the Week.

On Fridays, we’ll update you on the ongoing poll and then change things up a bit more, by including a photograph taken by one of our readers.

We want to see Langley through your lens. Send us nature scenes, pictures of people, animals, buildings, events or street scenes — whatever best illustrates all this community means to you.

Don’t forget to include the name (and, if appropriate, age) of the photographer and a few lines explaining when, where and why the photo was taken.

We’ll pick one to appear here each week. The rest, we’ll do our best to load on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Because the shape of the space is fixed, we will  accept only horizontal photos for our print edition but we’re happy to include vertical photos on the web.

Submit photos to newsroom@langleytimes.com and keep an eye out each Friday, to see whether yours was selected.

We’re excited to see what you see when you pick up a camera and focus on Langley.

Langley Times