EDITORIAL: Royal visit focuses on issues

William and Kate are able to draw media and public attention to critical issues.

All eyes were on Prince William and Kate Tuesday as they visited the Okanagan briefly. However, there were likely some residents not so enamored with the royals.

Obviously the case can be made that the monarchy is antiquated, particularly in the modern, democratic era. There’s no question William and Kate live a life of privilege while others struggle to make ends meet.

However, most members of the Royal Family, including the Queen, serve Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth with dedication and a strong sense of commitment.

Because of their duties and celebrity status, they are able to draw media and public attention to critical issues.

While in B.C., William and Kate have focused on the environment, post-secondary education and the challenges facing recovering drug addicts. They have also gathered with First Nations leaders, which is significant as the relationship between the Crown and our indigenous people has been strained historically.

Through their very presence, William and Kate have ensured the headlines are directed towards key social issues rank-and-file Canadians often overlook.

We appreciate the fact that the Royal Couple took the time, no matter how brief, to get to know us better and create awareness amongst ourselves.



Vernon Morning Star