EDITORIAL: North Westside study a good start

Governance options can unfold for North Westside as process begins

The ball is rolling over North Westside governance and that’s good news.

On Thursday, the Regional District of Central Okanagan board agreed to ask the Ministry of Community Development for$20,000 for a goverance review study for the area from La Casa to Westshore Estates.

That’s a positive step given that there’s been several heated discussions between director Wayne Carson and his colleaguesover the need to review governance and the apparent dissatisfaction among many residents with the current provision ofservices.

Among the most conciliatory was chairperson Gail Given, who has sparred with Carson.

“I want to be hopeful that we can come to a better place at the end of this process,” said Given Thursday.

One outstanding issue, though, is the scope of the potential study.

RDCO only wants the study to explore issues within the existing electoral area structure, while Carson and the North WestsideCommunities Association want all options considered, including forming a municipality.

There are differences of opinion on the focus the ministry will ultimately endorse, but no one should be concerned thatVictoria will be too restrictive or too open. The reality is the possibilities of governance will unfold during the study, and if itindicates electoral area status isn’t sufficient, then a municipality can be investigated further.

In the end, what’s positive is that the interests of the North Westside are being taken seriously after years of debate.


Vernon Morning Star