It’s OK to believe in Santa Claus and enjoy Christmas. (Photo by Don Bodger)

It’s OK to believe in Santa Claus and enjoy Christmas. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Editorial: Merry Christmas, our message to you

Forget about all these controversies and enjoy the season

Merry Christmas. Yes, Merry Christmas.

People are getting fed up with all the things that are supposedly now offensive to certain segments of the population, including the most wonderful time of the year.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and traditions, but this sudden onslaught to have songs, movies and certain celebratory activities banned because one person or a group suddenly figures it should be done has got to stop.

Pick on something else, but not Christmas. Heck, don’t even pick on anything else. Let’s leave well enough alone.

The boiling point for many in the banning crusade came about when lyrics from the song ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ were brought into question.

The song was written in 1944 and someone suggested the line sung by the female “Say, What’s In This Drink” imply a male spiked a drink to take advantage of her. And “I ought to say no” meant she was in some way going to be forced into doing something against her will.

Different time, different context and everyone on the bandwagon just needs to lighten up and take it for what it’s worth. It’s a fun holiday song that’s now gaining even more extensive airplay and wider circulation because of the controversy.

It’s all just getting downright silly.

If we think we’re judging the past for certain practices, just wait till the future judges this era and sees the nonsense that’s gone about such trivial matters.

So let’s just enjoy Christmas and the entire holiday season to the fullest and forget about all the naysayers and mood killers. Once we stop pandering to all the complaints, they’ll hopefully end.

-Black Press

Quesnel Cariboo Observer