Editorial: Let’s move on from hacking scandal

It must be election time in British Columbia as much has been made of little things.

It must be election time in British Columbia.

Much has been made about Premier Christy Clark’s accusing the NDP of hacking a Liberal website, when it was actually an independent MLA doing a legitimate search who discovered personal information from LIberal supporters was available on a public website.

In this time of heightened attention to digital security, it’s not a stretch to see why Clark reacted the way she did when she heard of the breach. Should she have commented off the cuff and accused the NDP without more information? Probably not. But who hasn’t opened their mouth and said something without thinking, especially in 2017?

Huntington has to accept some responsibility in this mess: why did she let the situation boil over before admitting it was her crew that discovered the breach?

Clark apologized for her accusations; now let’s move on to more important issues. B.C. has arguably the strongest economy in Canada right now and we need to keep it that way. In order to do that, we need to concentrate on important issues, not ‘she said, he said’ accusations. In an election year we have to be wary of these distractions coming from both sides of the table.

We only have to look south of the border to see how quickly things degenerate when a political leader or his followers gets sidetracked by the little things.

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