Editorial: Art inspires life, inspires art again

Art is what makes us cultured and open minded, happy and reflective. It’s a necessity, not a frivolity

Ahhh… summer in Oak Bay. It isn’t just about the glorious weather we have been experiencing, it’s about the myriad events taking place on the streets, studios and galleries in Oak Bay.

Arts and culture play an important role in the life of this community. The very ambiance leads people to see the beauty all around, and the genteel lifestyle afforded to those who inhabit Oak Bay contribute immensely to the quality of life. During Oak Bay’s Arts and Culture Festival seemingly random sculptures and public art festoon the Avenue, thereby creating a playful addition to the community.

The week and beyond will bring music, gallery walks, culinary arts, car festivals and classic films to various venues in Oak Bay culminating in the Bowker Creek Brush UP art show and sale on Aug. 16. All of these events point to how life and art are intertwined in our daily lives. Most of us may not have a Picasso or a Rodin sculpture gracing our home, but we do have the whimsical sculptures along the Avenue to enjoy and amazing art in the galleries, music in the park and artisans at the night market.

Art is one of those things which can be taken for granted but when it is not around, the world does become a less joyous place. There is art in everything, it’s about more than fine art and music. It is about the appreciation for the talents of those who try and make our world a prettier and more enjoyable place. It’s about the time spent on doing something well, whether it is fixing up an old classic car to its former glory or growing the most amazing flowers.

Art isn’t just for a week or two in the summer, it’s something that needs to be appreciated year round. That means bums in the seats for concerts, eyes on the paintings and sculptures at art shows and participation in making this world a more beautiful place. Let’s appreciate the care and attention paid to those small and wonderful things in our neighbourhoods, those tiny often unnoticed things like a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a child’s painting on someone’s fridge. Art is  what makes us cultured and open minded, happy and reflective. It’s a necessity, not a frivolity. Bring it on!


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