Earth doesn’t have enough resources for greed

Herb Nakada, in his letter to the editor, says Earth has sustainable resources, but only within its limits.


Earth has limits.

A “growth” economy cannot recognize “limits.”

Its “life” depends on population growth. “Elitism” won’t support economic equality. “Elitism” depends on growth without limits.

Can Earth support 7 billion doubling to 14 billion … with unchecked exponential “natural” resource exploitation?  Can all live decent lives … with liberty and justice for all … while degrading Earth … burning fossil fuels … without population stabilization?

We need prosperity without growth … a “democratic” economy supported by “democratic” social equality PDQ.

Accumulated evidence of human-induced global warming has been summarized and provided to policy makers by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Yet the U.S. House “voted” 248 to 174 that global warming isn’t real (last week).

The environment is not the only thing “destroyed” for insatiable appetites called “prosperity.”

A ranch is more than the cattle it supports.

Tsilhqot’ins struggle with those who must “madly” acquire … accomplish … get “somewhere” in Nemiah. “More mine answers needed” (Sept. 6, 2012) and “Prosperity would impact environment” (Sept. 6, 2012) are profound letters.

Among the 17 wealthiest nations with poverty, America ranks the worst. Americans have the largest prison “industry” and prison population. Americans have a military budget exceeding the next combined 17 “wealthiest” nations. “Wealthiest” elite remain insecure and fearful.

Yet less than 20 per cent of world military budgets could create a “paradise” on Earth” for all human beings. We haven’t learned to live in “peace” with each other with “insatiable” selves.

Is insatiable “private” wealth for a few … taking us … our children … to future collapse of democracy … in this century or by mid-century? Is “prosperity” based on “unlimited” growth leading to the collapse of civilization itself?

Is it governments of corporations, by corporations, for corporations … or … governments of people, by people, for people? Will democratic “social” wealth provide sustainability for all?

Earth doesn’t have enough resources for “insatiable” greed … for “elitism.” Shared by all democratically … Earth has “sustainable” resources … within Earth’s limits.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake

Williams Lake Tribune