Driving concerns

Resident wants safety upgrades made to 25th Street

Three years ago, we moved to Vernon from the coast. We were very happy to get away from all the traffic there (Surrey/Vancouver).

We live on the corner of 43rd Avenue and 25th Street and our front window faces the intersection.

Every morning, while having our morning coffee, we hold our breath and wonder if today is the day that a child is going to get hit. The kids are not getting off their bikes to cross the road like we were taught to do. They cross the road on the opposite side where the crosswalk is. Cars are racing down 43rd Avenue as if its a raceway, trying to catch the green light on 27th Street, not caring who is in their way.

And then we have the people who think that 25th Street is also a raceway and they have every right to use it so they don’t have all of the lights on 27th Street.

Half of the time, these turkeys don’t even take time to stop and look both ways before crossing 43rd Avenue, and thus we have another accident. We have had three within a 10-day period that we know of.

And then we have drivers who want to turn left on to 25th Street from 43rd Avenue, who also have no regards for pedestrians and think they have the right of way if there is no oncoming traffic. I actually have seen City of Vernon trucks, which have the big signs on it, “Slow down my dad works here,” cutting kids off because they could not stop in time because they were roaring down 43rd Avenue.

And then you have the Okanagan College 14-wheelers coming down 25th Street. What is a huge truck like that doing on a small street like that and then having to turn left on to 43rd Avenue, and having a hard time doing so and stopping traffic in all directions?

I would love to see the new plan for 25th Street go through and see it started at 43rd Avenue and 25th Street.

From what I heard at the meeting, city council is hearing from people who are against this plan and not enough from people who are for it, so that is why I am writing this letter.

I actually overheard a guy say he does not bike or walk and only drives his car, and admit he doesn’t even live in this area, but uses it for shortcuts to and from work…grrrrrrrrr.


Aletta Grey



Vernon Morning Star

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