Downtown Creston grain elevators and ‘bunker’ need paint job

Creston letter writer Michael Bunn wants pine forest mural on 'bunker', says grain elevators should be painted or torn down...

To the Editor:

Do you think it would be possible for town council to approach the present owner of the godawful ugly concrete “bunker” on Northwest Boulevard to get permission for Creston’s talented mural painters to paint a lodgepole pine forest with a moose, whitetail deer, a six-point elk, a pair of wolves and a pair of turkeys?

I also have an idea that would make the bunker a big plus for Creston’s tourism.

Also, give the owners of the two grain elevators a letter — either paint them or tear them down.

This town looks like Tobacco Road. It even reflects the attitude of the RCMP, as they even speed through the school zone on 16th Avenue South every day since I have moved to the area.

Michael Bunn



Creston Valley Advance