Don’t forget what happened here

We can look forward to a dysfunctional council for the next three years

December 5 was a sad day for municipal politics in Qualicum Beach.

The palace coup led by councillors Brouilette and Luchtmeijer has almost guaranteed a dysfunctional council for the next three years. That will be Qualicum Beach’s loss.

Their explanation that they were elected on a “platform of change” is specious to say the least. They were elected to replace three councillors who chose not to run again. I do not believe they were elected with a mandate of change, and I certainly did not vote for a platform of change.

If change was perceived as a driving force in the election, then the councillor candidates should have been much more transparent in their respective platforms.

Furthermore, if the voters of Qualicum Beach wanted change, the electorate would have instituted change at the top — the mayoralty candidates. But no, the voters elected Mr. Westbroek on his platform of stability.

I sincerely hope that voters have a long memory.

Rick Neugenbauer


Qualicum Beach



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