‘Don’t depend on the newspaper’

Wouldn't be easy cutting tax increase to zero in Pitt Meadows

Editor, The News:

Re: Mayor fails to grasp reality (Letters, Oct. 24).

The last two letters to the editor about rising taxes in Pitt Meadows make me wonder how any one feels they can keep taxes to zero per cent.

I am not saying that savings couldn’t possibly made, but it would take a forensic accountant to know if that it possible.

What bothers me most was a previous letter about an unrealistic mayor, as I think an increase of just over one per cent  a year is bad in the scheme of things. I wish I could control the price of groceries, too.  I would like people to consider what a zero per cent tax increase would mean.

I like the museum and the library, the new rec center and seniors room, subsidies to children sports, litter clean up, beautiful flowers at city hall, all provided by taxes. No more traffic lights or road-calming roundabouts that don’t work, yeah! No more lights on in your subdivisions as a way to control costs. Hope for no snow, a pretty difficult to cost item. We have the best snow removal on this side of the Fraser River.  Thank you, council.

The worst letter I have ever read was in your newspaper about our current mayor was basically because she is a woman, such vitriolic language, spiteful and hateful. I never saw letters about Mayor Don McLean written in that manner. He also approved raises in taxes and was pro development to boot.

Don’t just believe what you read, get involved, attend the budgets meetings, where increases for services are discussed, a road paved here or not, a ditch cleaned or not. Don’t depend on the newspaper to report everything as they don’t always sit in on these discussions, nor do 99 per cent of Pitt Meadows residents.

Annette Code

Pitt Meadows

Maple Ridge News