Don’t ask your neighbour for a bail out

Editor: Reply to letter to the Editor by Bernice Magee.


Reply to letter to the Editor by Bernice Magee.

Don’t cry foul after the financial games is over. Don’t come back on the regional district regions E & B when the plan for the Lakeside Multiplex backfires.

This idea is a spend first tax later proposal which we in region E & B had no participation in the decision making or outcome.

If the project was built to attract doctors, health care workers and professionals then let them pay at the door. Because it is clear to me these people do not need to be surprised by any taxpayer.

I would encourage everyone in region E & B to contact their representative and let them know you do not want to participated in this losing development called Lakeside Multiplex.

Our local governments cannot keep heaping taxes on taxes and expect people to pay and pay.

If a person maxed out their credit card and then asked his neighbours to bail him out, he would not be at all popular.

We have seen enough bail outs since 2008.

What do you think?

Jack Kortmeyer

Burns Lake, BC

Region B


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