Dog leads neighbourhood in a merry chase

Thanks to all who helped pursue escaped pooch



Thanks to everyone who tried to help capture my runaway Bernedoodle puppy on Sept 10/20.

He was in the care of my friend while I was away when he escaped. Thankfully my friend’s daughter is an athlete and was able to chase him from McLean, across Alder, then across Dogwood, then around the field of the Christian School (where the PE class tried to assist in the capture).

He then proceeded to run around on Dogwood again with my friend’s daughter still in hot pursuit but now she is barefoot after losing her sandals in the school field. The occupants of a passing fire truck tried to help but, once again, the puppy was elusive as he took off down Merecroft towards Alder.

A passive motorist noticed the chase and she gave the barefoot athlete a ride to help catch up to the runaway pup. When the pup turned right on Alder, a woman in her front yard was able to capture and leash the puppy.

Hooray! What a wonderful and caring community we live in. Thanks again.

Jane Palmer

Campbell River

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