Dog attacks rare in Linley Valley

NANAIMO: Re: Public needs a dog-free space, Letters, Sept. 27.

To the Editor,

Re: Public needs a dog-free space, Letters, Sept. 27.

I have been following, with some amusement, the constant letters back and forth, pro and con on the issue of dogs being off leash in Linley Valley.

The most recent letter by Tom McCartney is easily the silliest one printed so far. He actually calls dog owners “selfish, narcissistic, and self-absorbed” not to mention “moronic” as if name calling has ever solved anything.

He clearly does not like dogs or dog owners – which alienates him from a large portion of the general population. If you believe him, the vast majority feel as he does. I wonder if he has actually taken a poll?

I am a dog owner and, yes, a dog lover. I have been walking in Linley Valley for years and have yet to encounter a vicious dog attacking anyone. I have also observed that there is no dog feces anywhere on the trail and that the trail is clean and free from garbage as well.

I agree people should abide by the laws and leash their dogs. However, the section of land east of Cottle Lake is a block of Crown land and does not come under the jurisdiction of the City of Nanaimo.

It allows a place in the valley for dog owners and their pets to enjoy an off-leash run and leaves the rest of the park animal-free for those who do not wish to encounter them.

Daphne Catterson


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