Do you care about your food supply?

Concerns raised about genetically engineered products

Last year I wrote an article, Getting to the Core, about the introduction of a genetically engineered apple called “Arctic’.” At the time, I expressed concerns about one of the most popular fruits consumed by adults and children alike being tampered with.

This year, the Arctic apple was approved. Without mandatory labelling, consumers will not know what kind of apple they are purchasing.

While our government does not believe genetically modified foods (GE or GMOS) are unsafe, many citizens do and would like the right to know.

Soon the first GE potato – “Innate” – will be available in Canada. What’s next? Perhaps it will be GE salmon?

Several weeks ago, in Ladner, I heard a talk by scientist and author Dr. Shiv Chopra. I was dismayed to learn he was fired from his job as senior scientific advisor at Health Canada for telling the truth about what’s going into our food. More specifically, he refused to approve a genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH), which was being given to dairy cows in the U.S. to increase the animal’s milk production.

Many citizens petitioned Ottawa (and especially dairy farmers) to not allow rBGH into Canada. To date (as far as I know), rBGH has not been used here.

Chopra claims that if the Trans Pacific Partnership is endorsed by Canada and other countries, genetically engineered milk would be allowed and we would not know. In other words, our right to food sovereignty would be no more. I  fear having our food supply come under the control of large corporations and pharmaceuticals (think Monsanto, Dow Chemical, etc.).

Chopra does not mince words when he talks about the corruption that endangers public safety and our food supply. His memoirs as a Health Canada whistleblower are outlined in a 2010 book, Corrupt to the Core.

If you are concerned, please take the time to contact your elected officials in Ottawa. Chopra did suggest that petitions, rather than individual letters, are more effective.

Please take time to read, learn and get involved. We must all become activists if we care about our food supply.


Jean Wightman




Surrey Now Leader