Disappointed in rejection of New Prosperity Mine

Words can’t describe the range of emotion I’ve felt since the federal government’s no decision on the $1.5-billion New Prosperity mine.

Words can’t describe the range of emotion I’ve felt since the federal government’s no decision on the $1.5-billion New Prosperity mine.

It is a far greater feeling than disappointment, and for many residents, I know this is devastating and infuriating news. Williams Lake and the Cariboo will feel the effects of this decision more than anywhere else in the country.

The federal government has sent some strong messages throughout the nation with this decision. We’ve consistently said we support responsible resource development, and the people of the Cariboo will be watching future decisions very carefully.

It is not a productive use of anyone’s time to point fingers. If there is anything I know about people in the Cariboo it is that we are resilient and we don’t give up. We got through the first no decision on the Prosperity mine in 2010, we got through mill closures, and we will get through this.

Obviously, there is no replacement for a New Prosperity, but we all have a choice on how we move forward. My choice is to not let disappointment or disillusionment get in the way of the work we as community leaders need to do.

That work has already started. I have had discussions with Taseko Mines, MP Dick Harris, MLA Donna Barnett, and Minister Coralee Oakes. Minister Oakes will be at City Hall today (Friday) to discuss this matter further.

Thanks to the Rotary Club for stepping up with a vision and great ideas to make Boitanio Park a safer and more accessible place. Club representatives came as a delegation to a Committee of the Whole meeting and described ideas to add carriage lights, a small garden, historical signs, and a new paved path for people with mobility issues.

Staff will work together with the Rotary Club to come up with a business plan.

This would be a large, multi-year project, but would provide great benefits for the park. I’m looking forward to seeing what this partnership can produce!

Way to go Carey! What a great time early Sunday morning cheering on Carey Price and Team Canada with 75 others in the Gibraltar Room!

People were dressed in their bright red and white, with Canadian flags in hand.  We were able to come alongside the community of Anahim Lake to cheer on a local hero.

Carey’s dedication, hard work, and calm under pressure attitude are an example for all of us. Thanks to everyone who braved the dark and cold to come down to the Complex to join in the celebration!

Kerry Cook is the mayor of Williams Lake.

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