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Resident wants full disclosure on Stickle Road issue

I do think the time has come to put the Stickle Road intersection discussion to rest.  I along with many people have had a say on this item and believe me, there are more important things going on in this city than this.

I have written to the premier, the minister responsible and this paper.

The mayor and a majority of council originally agreed with the light idea at the beginning, then after a meeting with the minister responsible, the majority of them changed their view, which they are allowed to do.

But as myself and many suspect,  things were told by the minster to the mayor and council that we were not privy to.

My request is this Mr. Mayor, if at all possible, could you please tell us what happened at this meeting and what the minister said that made many of you change your mind?

I for one realize that you are privy to many things that can have long-term consequences to the city. But because of the interest shown in this item, would it not be beneficial to let us know what you can?

I would like to thank the mayor and council for the work that they do for us and also for the many that take the time and interest in our city to voice and opinion. After all, this what a democracy is and why we wish to live here.

Garry Haas



Vernon Morning Star