Deer cull in Oak Bay reflects badly on mayor

Finding pride about deer cull likely difficult outside of mayor's office

Re: Deer cull ends in Oak Bay (

The mayor of Oak Bay is quite proud of the fact he had 11 deer culled. What happened to the 25 he so badly wanted? How much prouder would he be then?

From talk in the streets, coffee shops, on the radio and in the newspapers, it seems people who are also proud are very hard to find. Frankly, he made a fool of himself and embarrassed the residents of Oak Bay in this venture. Killing deer under covert conditions, as he had insisted upon, is akin to shooting fish in a barrel.

Finally, with the alleged overpopulation of deer in Oak Bay, just what will 11 tragic deaths prove? Nothing at all. This was a waste of time, money (more than budgeted) and the lives of 11 innocent deer, perpetrated by a man tragically obsessed with a cull.

Maybe in future he might listen to what the real animal experts say and try another tack. But then again, after seeing and hearing what he claimed, he probably won’t.

Peter McClaren


Goldstream News Gazette