Dairy troubles with the U.S.

So what do the American dairy farmers and Donald Trump want?

To the editor:

On April 27, 2017, the North Thompson Star/Journal printed something that one could forgive all these terrible Tom Fletcher columns for.

This was “Milking Scapegoats” by Chris Holman a Wisconsin Farmers Union District 6 director.

One would think that Holman, a patriotic American no doubt, would be all for Trump’s stance. Nothing of the sort!

In fact Holman points out that the problems of the U.S. dairy industry are overproduction and their own making! That plus the mega-sizing of the dairy industry.

As Holman points out, Grassland Dairy, one of the oversized entities, dumped around 75 farms.

Then Donald Trump, possibly the worst president in the U.S. history, chimed in about unfair practices of Canada, etc.

Here I quote Holman: “If we are going to be honest with ourselves, there’s only one thing to blame Canada for in all of this and it’s that they’ve held up a minor and forced us to reluctantly turn around and take a look at our troubled visage. Make no mistake! This is a moment that many will try to prevent from ever happening again.”

So what do the American dairy farmers and Donald Trump want?

Just what happened to the Mexican corn farmers through NAFTA. Our Canadian dairy farmers are to be driven off land.

What makes things worse, they have a fifth column: Bernier, Coyne, Ivison and others to help them. How Canadian!

Dennis Peacock

Clearwater, B.C.


Barriere Star Journal