Cut off from the city

Resident writes that lack of repairs to road is causing detours along other routes that aren't much better

I am a resident of Tillicum Road.  We are dealing with the fact that our road is closed and are being told it will probably be fall until the road is repaired.

First off it would not be so bad that we have to detour to BX Road and then Dixon Dam Road, but these roads are in such bad shape, especially Dixon Dam Road. There are places on Dixon Dam where if two vehicles meet you have to be very careful as to not drive off the road and the potholes are ridiculous.

Then there is the fact that it is a 40-minute drive to go and get our mail.  Even if they do take until fall to fix the road they should be looking at fixing the whole road. In the past 10 years traffic on this road has increased dramatically because of the popularity of the new subdivision on the old ski hill and the campground re-opening.

I really don’t know what happens to our tax money but it certainly does not go to upgrading roads.


Carmen Bunnah



Vernon Morning Star