Council Comment: Creston town council busy during first 100 days of term

Creston town council developing good respect for each other’s perspectives and knowledge, says first-term Coun. Jen Comer...

Creston Valley Farmers’ Market manager Jen Comer is in her first term on Creston town council.

Creston Valley Farmers’ Market manager Jen Comer is in her first term on Creston town council.

This council has recently completed its first 100 days in office!

It’s been three months of steady learning for all of us new to council, and new team building for those who have been at this table previously. We are developing a good respect for each other’s perspectives and the knowledge that we each bring to the council table. Our committee of the whole meetings (where all of council meets together outside of our bimonthly council meetings) are full of discussion and debates. These are open to the public, and are where residents can hear the longer discussions about recommendations that go to council.

Aside from the council and committee of the whole meetings, each council member is on a number of committee groups. I feel incredibly lucky to represent council on Creston Valley Spirit Committee, Trails for Creston Valley Society, community networking, Community Directed Youth Funds community advisory committee (CDYF CAC), School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake) and the Creston Valley Public Library. As one can imagine, these add up to a lot of meetings every month!

These groups are full of people dedicated to this community, helping the Creston Valley be the place we all choose to live. As council representatives, we keep the rest of council informed as to the happenings of each committee and, where we are able, offer support through the Town of Creston.

The spirit committee is made up of representatives from the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce, Creston and District Community Complex (CDCC) and a number of community volunteers. This is the group that brings you the Canada Day and Santa Clause Parade festivities, which are continually getting bigger and better each year. We are also hosting a volunteer appreciation day on April 11 in conjunction with the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market at the CDCC.

You’d have to be living under a rock not to see the momentum that the Trails for Creston Valley Society has been gaining this past year. With support from dozens of volunteers, the Town of Creston and the Regional District of Central Kootenay, it is transforming the old ferry landing from a partying and dumping site into a picnic area that residents and tourists will be able to enjoy along Kootenay River.

The CDYF CAC is a steering committee helping guide the direction of the CBT youth funding that was allocated to the Town of Creston a couple of years ago. Its top priority is finding a youth centre for teens to hang out. The teens and their co-ordinator are up to many fundraising and community events that support youth in the valley.

Our community’s library is also growing and changing. Throughout the month of March, the children’s area underwent renovations. I spent a Monday morning a couple of weeks ago putting together new furniture and helping arrange the new bookshelves. My daughter and I attended the grand opening on March 21; she thinks the new iPads and magnetic ball wall are a lot of fun.

The community networking group is one I have been part of for a number of years through the farmers’ market, and now also attend on behalf of council. It is made up of social agencies and related organizations that meet once a month in a roundtable format to provide updates to each other. I have found this group invaluable for creating community connections and increasing capacity through identifying local partnership and growth opportunities.

The final group I liaise with is the school district. There hasn’t been a meeting since council inauguration, but one is coming in the near future to discuss their facilities management report. Council will be at the table to see what impacts can be expected for our community.

The weekly council and committee of the whole meetings are just one piece of what each of the council members does on behalf of you, Creston (and valley) residents. If you are an organization wanting to connect with town council, contact the town hall at 250-428-2214 or online at

Creston Valley Farmers’ Market manager Jen Comer is in her first term on Creston town council.

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