Conservatives were only choice

Canada's Conservative vote a good choice

In reference to a letter to the editor from Sharon Ramsdale June 10 reflecting her embarrassment and shame after Harper’s Conservative party was voted a majority government by the people of Canada: Feel a little disappointed, Sharon, but shame and embarrassment for whom?

You feel Harper is intent on dismantling our health care system. It’s dismantling itself, it does not need Harper’s help. It has become an overfunded, grossly administered mess that totally needs an overhaul. The Canada you want to leave behind is a very different Canada than I hope to leave behind.

Over the last 40 years, the left-wing policies of most of the previous administrations provincially and federally have mired the country in a sea of debt. The entitlement programs entrenched over that period, along with public service benefits and pensions that have been forced into place, will make it very difficult to reverse this course.

Harper’s administration is certainly not perfect, but the Conservatives were the only choice if we have any chance of leaving our finances for future generations in any kind of fiscal order.

Cutting spending will reflect program cuts which I’m sure will not make those benefiting from them very happy. The waste has to stop now and a lot of Canadians need to find a way of being part of the solution and not part of the problem.


Bruce Davies, Vernon



Vernon Morning Star

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