Community rallies for hospital

As I sit here contemplating my navel, I’m excited and proud of all of the volunteer-based groups that have and continue to raise funds for the new warehouse being attached to Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

I’m particularly proud of the Armstrong-Spallumcheen Health Care Auxiliary for all that they do. If you’ve never been to their Bargain Bin store, you could go daily because the goodies change from day to day.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a group I belong to, the Royal Canadian Legion branch 35, and all the money we’ve donated towards this project and many more.

Poppy sales are mandated that all of the money go back into the community. Please don’t take offence if I’ve not mentioned the hundreds of others who also donate time, money and energy to a myriad of worthy organizations.

One only has to pick up The Morning Star to see how generous people really are.

I see this as a voluntary taxation because the province would prefer to continue to cater to corporations, i.e. tax cuts, relaxed rules of corporate responsibility and reneging on projects they should be responsible for, i.e. tax huge payouts to civil service mandarins instead of single moms and children, and most of all, seniors.

To that I say shame, shame, shame.

My navel suggests many things and now it’s suggesting a vision we might like to watch for and that’s the suits, big shots who will be at the grand opening of said tower (warehouse). My navel suggests I pay attention to all the backslapping, handshaking, champagne-drinking political types taking credit for the wonderful work they’ve done to bring this all together.

My navel suggests that there will be suits there that didn’t know where Vernon was on the map and had to use their GPS systems to find their way to a free lunch and photo-op.

I’d just like to suggest my navel and I won’t be terribly upset if we don’t get an invitation.

Bill Frohlick



Vernon Morning Star