COLUMNS: Try to come closer together this holiday season at Christmas

What would you like for Christmas this year? I suspect the answer might be dependent upon your age.

What would you like for Christmas this year? I suspect the answer might be  dependent upon your age.

Remembrance Day has now passed and many stores are already beating down the doors of our inner sanctum to get our attention for the Christmas merchandise and holiday season.

I mentioned at the outset of this column that whatever you want for Christmas it might be because of our age.

When you are born, the first Christmas you wanted something that sparkled. As you got up to the whopping age of two, your gift might be something useful. Then as you grow into teens, there is something special about what it is that you want under the tree.

Then there is time for a family, and it is something special to have a little one beside you on Christmas day.

When  you get to be grandpa and grandma and, once again, your desires for Santa and the elves to leave something for you diminishes because you already have enough around you.

There is a lot of stages in our lifetime when we want different things for Christmas but I think the most is love.

We all need to be more lovable and lovely.

What we need to be at Christmas is more giving and I think we are. There are a lot more people willing to hand over a little extra at this time of the year. Perhaps we are so busy some of us don’t have a lot of time to spend with family and friends. It is just another week with a long weekend attached.

It would be nice if our part of the country  could go through a period of  not too bad weather before Christmas then we could have some cooler weather and then a slow start to warm up, so that by the end of February the creakiness will start to disappear.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

Many of my friends are taking some time to stay at home this year. There is only four weeks until the day when we celebrate Christmas.

I hope that you can find your way around busy stores during the time ahead now I would like you to dig deep down in your pockets or purse and give to those need it in our community.

I hope you will take time to get organized this Christmas and it does matter to know what you would want.

Shop local this Christmas.

Ken Wilson is a freelance columnist with the Tribune/Weekend Advisor.

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