Columnist neither insightful nor amusing

Re: Power producers plead their case, B.C. Views, Sept. 15.

To the Editor,

Re: Power producers plead their case, B.C. Views, Sept. 15.

Isn’t it time to give Tom Fletcher a rest and reflect some other opinions in the column B.C. Views?

Every time I open your newspaper to the editorial page, there he is, espousing the same old right-wing views and repeating his mantra “public bad, private good”.

He seems to enjoy being unpopular (as in his defence of HST) and is contemptuous of people who don’t agree with him.

That might be all right if he were entertaining or particularly insightful. Unfortunately, he’s neither.

His latest harangue on private power production is familiar stuff: some random facts about climate change, a swipe at the NDP, and an attempt to dismiss the concerns of environmentalists by bluntly asserting his authority: “I’ve seen these things.”

I didn’t know he was an expert in this field.

What’s particularly ludicrous is his undiminished faith in private power production even as he tells us how one producer is being gobbled up by another.

He’s out of touch with reality if he thinks the general public has any great faith in fly-by-night multinational companies working for the common good.

Tom Fletcher has had his day. Time to let B.C. Views (in the plural) live up to its name.

Gregory Roscow


Nanaimo News Bulletin