Cassidy Dankochik joined the Observer’s staff in Aug. of 2020 by way of Gimli, Altona, and Flin Flon, Manitoba. (Photo by Tracey Roberts)

COLUMN: One great week

Editor of the Quesnel Observer, Cassidy Dankochik, shares his thoughts on positivity

The past few weeks as a community journalist has been about as good as you can hope for.

Story after story showed the sense of community and generosity in Quesnel. It’s too easy to get sucked into the negative aspects of life. I try to live as an optimist, and always see the best in people. Sometimes that’s more difficult than it sounds

Well Quesnel, you’re making it easy to do that this month.

Story after story of people doing positive things in our community. It’s been wonderful and heartening to cover.

Something as simple as a donation from Safeway to the Salvation Army adds a sense of joy to working as a news reporter. When businesses rise up to support local causes, it’s always great.

Another example would be Chemo RV donating a trailer to Quesnel Search and Rescue. Small organizations like search and rescue can make a donation like that go much further than just being better able to deliver their essential services. It allows them to more efficiently use their normal funding. In my experience those kinds of organizations can turn one dollar into 10 dollars worth of value.

While those stories are heartening, it’s not those kinds of things that are able to cut through my cynicism. It’s when a community rallies to support a cause. The roaring success of autism, epilepsy, and Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraisers in just the past week and a half make me proud to have moved here.

And all these positive stories just came from the realms of fundraising and charities.

That ignores the investments and improvements we’re seeing in the form of future plans and developments coming down the pipeline.

I am personally excited to see more housing come into Quesnel. Anything to increase the stock of rental properties should help Quesnel become an even more welcoming place.

I believe in Quesnel because the people here are committed to making this place home.

-Cassidy Dankochik is the editor of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer

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