Coaching is a huge commitment

Children benefit immensely from the dedicated and talented coaches

To all coaches: recently my wife and I have had opportunities to watch our grandchildren playing sports, including lacrosse and soccer, both in Kamloops and in Edmonton.

Our children grew up in Vernon and were involved in various sports at school, and at the community level, they were also involved in soccer.

As adults, they are still actively involved playing soccer and  coaching, one at school, and one in the community.

Whether Kamloops, Edmonton, Vernon or any other communities, children benefit immensely from the dedicated and talented coaches who offer their time and talents to coach our children and our grandchildren.

We see huge improvements in their skill levels and confidence.

I hope you will join us in saying thank you to all coaches everywhere in all sports

The next time you see a bunch of athletes take to the field, please consider that the coaches are donating their time for our children.

I know that many of them also have children who are playing, and many play multiple sports.

It’s a huge commitment, especially with tournaments.

Thank you coaches.


Tom Skinner




Vernon Morning Star