Climate change

Resident provides some comments on the issue of climate change

Further to Kel Derek’s letter, CO2 can be a toxic gas at high concentration, as well as an asphyxiant gas due to reduction in oxygen. Climate change isn’t about whether humans expel CO2 for plants to live. It is about the release of excessive amounts of CO2, and more frighteningly methane, into our atmosphere and the effect that the resulting warming has on our planet.

Much of the excess CO2 wreaking havoc on our planet is due to the burning of fossil fuels. Our friends to the south of Canada now want to deregulate dirty coal and other fossil fuels so they can provide jobs to their people. The coal industry is an outdated and archaic pollution spewer, with no intention of moving forward in the advancing world we live in. What a sad state of affairs when money and jobs trump (pun intended) the long-term viability of our planet. Greed wins again. Shameful.

James Schneider



Vernon Morning Star