Climate change

Resident expresses concerns about the human impact on the globe

To address the letter from Bob Reid, titled Stop the madness, we merely have to consult 97 per cent of the climate scientists, who state the world is warming due, almost entirely, to man-made causes.

Now, this fact leaves very little wriggle room for interpretation, but in every community, there are a couple of fans of a conservative website that states, amongst many things, that the world is either not warming up at all, or that it is, but that it is a normal cyclical occurrence.

The second wild statement, is that increased levels of CO2 are actually good for the environment, because plants breathe it in.

I  am hoping that Mr. Reid merely forgot that carbon dioxide is poisonous to humans and every other animal on this planet.

As well, Mr. Reid must address the findings of NASA, and other environmental entities, that the world is becoming less green due to the ongoing  deforestation in every corner of every continent, as humans expand their numbers and territory.

Yes, mitigating the damage we have done to this planet costs money, and it employs an incredible amount of people as new industries are built around green energy.

As the cost of the new energy comes down, more of the general population is excited about becoming responsible citizens instead of greedy consumers. This new wave of educated youth are supported by more savvy seniors who see a new and easier method of generating power.

The air in cities will be able to support life again thanks to companies who are heeding the challenges from Elon Musk, and those who have dared to stand against big oil. The same war for our souls was fought, and won, against big tobacco.

Canadians are not Americans, and we are moving rapidly away from pumping anything into our atmosphere that doesn’t belong there. Who would want to pollute anything?

Dan Davis



Vernon Morning Star