City upsets senior

City upsets senior

LETTER: Unfair parking charge shows an unfriendly city administration

I have lived in Vernon for 56 years and have always been grateful that I live in this beautiful area. For the first time I am angry and disappointed with our city administration.

Last week a friend and I went to a movie at the Towne Theatre. We are both seniors, my friend needs to walk with a walker and I have Parkinson’s, so neither of us do well when we need to walk three blocks. Because of this I parked my car in the parking lot behind the movie theatre. I saw that the lot had recently been posted as a private lot, however it was 6:30 p.m., dark, and definitely past business hours, and as usual, only a few cars in the lot. I reasoned there would be no danger of receiving a ticket at this late hour. To my horror when I returned to my car I found I had been charged a $69 parking fee. To make matters more annoying I must pay that fee to a Vancouver corporation.

In the day time business hours I readily pay parking fees and if I do inadvertently go over the time allowed I do not mind paying the penalty to my city.

Why would our city allow a million-dollar Vancouver corporation to run this parking lot? Also why would this corporation charge me to park at 6:45 p.m. in an almost empty parking lot?

Who is making these unfair, unfriendly decisions in our city?

We need an administration that cares about its citizens enough to treat them fairly and with respect.

Helen Brandt


Vernon Morning Star