City hall

Resident expresses concerns about decision-making in Vernon

Who is running city hall? Why are we electing a mayor and council when it seems the city managers are always giving interviews.  These are persons who are hired by the council and are responsible to the elected (by us the taxpayers) council and mayor to operate our city.

It seems to be done by past and present mayors and council members to give interviews when they have good news and if it is bad, have the managers do it.  I say it is time for the mayor and council to get a backbone and take over all interviews regarding the city, good or bad news.  If the managers have that much extra time get them to find new ways to save money (their job).

Regarding a tax increase, it should either be zero or lower.  Why do we have a new fleet of vehicles sitting in the works yard? The old ones all look in good shape.

If the union wants any increase wages or benefits, then let them find the money by cutting union hours, benefits, perks or staff.  Just because you are a union member, it does not give you the right to cause my standard of living to drop to maintain or increase your standard.

It is time the city stops any and all borrowing, unless it absolutely required or we pay off all our loans, then go on a cash basis.


Garry Haas



Vernon Morning Star