Citizens ignored

Resident upset with elected officials over Stickle Road

It is ominous that a local MLA is listening to Ministry of Transportation’s presentations and not to the citizens who put him in his office.

Our mayor seems to be suffering from the same affliction.

Is Eric Foster going to honour the wishes of citizens who submit their concerns through letters to the editor of our newspaper with names attached, or are we supposed to cater to the wishes of phantom phone callers who are received by only his ears?

MLA Foster and Mayor Akbal Mund  were put in their respective positions to support the needs of their constituents  and not those of any government ministry.

I make two round trips a day on that highway and on most days, I calculate several cars traveling at 120 kilometres per hour.

Most are at 100 to 110 kph.

We are in dire need of two safety measures on that stretch of highway.

The first is speed limit enforcement, which is non-existent, and the second is four-point access and egress.

Jim Davis



Vernon Morning Star