Change toll policy

The Port Mann Bridge will continue to lose money as drivers learn crossing it is too costly.

Before the new Port Mann Bridge was built, government had to face the challenge of how to build such a huge project and raise $3.3 billion to erect the bridge. Now they have a new challenge: how to save the Port Mann from a growing deficit.

The Port Mann is now going to collect $90 million less revenue in the next three years than previously predicted. Most Metro Vancouver drivers realize that crossing the Port Mann is an expensive trip and they feel the extra burden to their pockets. As a result, number of users decreased.

How do we bring back more drivers on bridge crossing and save further deficits? Compel government to revise its toll plan.

One alternative is to offer lucrative low tolls for daily users and special prices for those who cross on weekends. Granting a long grace period for payment without charging interest  would also make a great difference.

If this succeeds in attracting more traffic, this will prevent further financial damage. Otherwise it will be difficult to fully pay off all the costs of the Port Mann/Highway 1 project by 2050.


Hanif A. Patel, Surrey

Surrey Now Leader