Centralized body removal wrong for this community

I can’t imagine a more efficient and effective way to handle the removal of bodies than by our local funeral home

Editor’s Note: The following letter to regional coroner Larry Marzinzik is in response to a letter to the editor, “Coroners Service replies to body removal concerns”, that ran in our Dec. 12 issue –

Mr. Marzinzik:

Thank you for your letter of Dec. 4. In it you stated that Coroners Service has been traditionally provided by coroners based in Kamloops. It is my understanding that tradition started just a couple of years ago when the local coroner retired. More recently coroner service has been provided from 100 Mile House. I am curious to know to whom it is not “feasible” nor “desirable” that a coroner be located in the North Thompson?

I am aware that the BC Coroners Service is a publicly funded service and I can’t imagine a more efficient and effective way to handle the removal of bodies than by our local funeral home. I am interested in viewing the proposed saving in dollar figures that this contract change will cause, for that in my mind must be what the change in service is all about.

With the BC government supporting the development of small business in rural communities it surprises me that the business aspect alone would not be protected. The contract area is far too large for our local funeral home to service. The service area previous to the change in contract last May was large enough to support our local business. And what about the area between Clearwater and Blue River? Folk living in that region are entitled to service. The drive from Blue River to Prince George is approximately four hours. How can a service be expected to be delivered within an hour and a half to Blue River? Perhaps the terms of the contract that covers that area is different?

The main point of my original concern with the change in the body removal contract was one of social concern. Our local funeral home owner is a vital part of our community. Mr. Smith serves on many boards and supports the work of many societies, business and local events here in Clearwater. He is a personable and civic minded member of our community. I for one have come to appreciate his care and concern for the living as well as for those who have passed on in our community.

Please reconsider this contract. It is wrong for our community in so many ways.

Sandra Holmes


Clearwater, B.C.



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