Cartoon disrespects flag

NANAIMO – Re: Editorial cartoon, Opinion, Jan. 29.

To the Editor,

Re: Editorial cartoon, Opinion, Jan. 29.

The editorial cartoon showing a garbage can instead of a maple leaf on our flag was disgusting and an affront to all the flag stands for.

We may on a per capita basis produce more garbage than any other country, but we have a very small population and we do a large amount of recycling.

The net of our garbage would be insignificant compared to the U.S., India, China and the majority of Third World countries.

Take a trip to Mexico and see the roads littered on both sides with garbage, much of it recyclable.

Take a trip to the U.S. and see how little is recycled in most states.

Canadians should be proud of the efforts they make as individuals to care for the environment, including garbage.

J. Sharpe


Nanaimo News Bulletin

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