Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Canada has a lot to learn

Canada has a lot to learn

Canada has a lot to learn

What a head shaker I got after reading a little extra cash, $62-billion, promised to update a part of defense policy, thank goodness is slightly more than a bag of peanuts?

All that money to be spent, just in case defense of Canada is needed, in the meantime, Canada can practice killing the have nots — somebody please whisper in Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan’s ear that futuristic approach to fighting a war is one thing, in my view, that is predictable.

Thinking new fighter aircraft, warships and increasing military personnel are not the answer and borders on being ridiculous.

If ever the Sajjan dream should arrive I wonder if he has given thought that today’s and future potential enemies are updating their own arsenal.

A short time ago, it was reported the United States launched a rocket into out er space and recovered it successfully as it landed upright on a pre-determined raft at sea. No surprise to me if debris in space has become a cover for orbiting weapons of mass destruction, where the push of a button can spell doom to major cities and any of the future, outdated war machines before they are built.

Nowhere did I read anything Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan promised except spending big money on war machines with no mention of a goofy plan to build peace at home and abroad. Harjit, just a friendly reminder, today’s world is geared to orbiting satellites that provide instant communication via television, internet, satellite radio and probably other things in orbit, I have never heard about.

Canada is not ready to take on the O/S world on its own but its gates are wide open for those who desire to change what has taken 150 years to build, be it good or bad.

Canada is still a country that has a lot to learn in my humble opinion.

On second thought — maybe I am a bone head?

Tom Isherwood


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