Campsites few and far between

Recently decided to go camping. Won’t be doing that at some of my favourite places.

To the Editor,

Re: Popularity of B.C. parks leads to few available camp spots, June 28.

A number of allegations were made during the July long weekend regarding the lack of camping spots available for B.C. taxpayers.

Mary Polak, cabinet minister responsible, made statements which left people with the impression there was no mass reservations being made by tour operators.  Next, we heard from her, ‘tree huggers’ weren’t permitting more provincial campsites to be built (hasn’t stopped Premier Christy Clark from building Site C dam), then we heard there were 6,000 campsites in the provincial park system and perhaps that wasn’t enough.

When reservations were implemented we were told 50 per cent of the spaces would still be available on a first-come, first-service basis.

Recently decided to go camping. Won’t be doing that at some of my favourite places.

Bromley Rock Provincial Park: 17 spaces, 12 reservable. Cultus Lake Provincial Park: 100 per cent of the campsites are reservable. Shuswap Lake Provincial Park: all campsites require reservations. Okanagan Lake Provincial Park: 166 campsites, 152 reservable. Golden Ears Provincial Park campsite: 409 campsites, 210 reservable.

It is reasonable to conclude tour operators can reserve entire campgrounds for their clients. Given the number of people who like to camp in this province, and that is without foreign tourists, we have a problem. I’d suggest the minister do something about it, however much these tour operator ‘donate.’ I’d suggest 25 per cent reservable.

Can’t afford a house in the GVRD. Can’t go camping.  Can’t find a GP. The kids’ schools are too crowded or closing.  Gee, what is this provincial government good for these days?

E.A. FosterCedar

Nanaimo News Bulletin