Bypass blues

Resident opposes any plans for a bypass around Vernon

With regards to a bypass around Vernon, think for a minute.

A bypass is exactly that and one only has to look at how Kelowna has grown without one and Penticton has stagnated since their bypass was built.

I am also told by long-time residents that when a developer proposed building in the area where the bypass is proposed a few years ago, the developer’s own ecological report recommended against the development as the area is one of the few open grasslands remaining.

I am also told that after viewing the plan for a bypass when it was first proposed, a retired engineer burst out laughing as he said in order to build a highway to provincial standards, rock cuts would have to be so deep that the proposal was totally a no-brainer.

Also, if I recall right, one new member of city council, who originally voted to keep this long-term proposal alive, said she would be changing her mind at the next vote as it was not reasonable to tie up development of land along the proposed route and in fact, it may make the city liable if it does so.

Finally, given the extremely poor state of the roads and sewer system and the cost of such a basic as water in Vernon, it would be political suicide to even seriously consider such frivolous projects when the basics need attending to.

As just one example, I went over a pothole on the upper part of Alexis Park Drive, which came within a hair of removing all of the enamel off my teeth.

And you want to spend taxpayers money on bypassing the city? Really?

Give your head a shake.

Brian Sutch



Vernon Morning Star

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