Bye bye John Horgan

The result will be John Horgan winning his MLA seat but losing government



Bye bye John Horgan

John Horgan has gone ahead and called a provincial election when in reality, there is no reason to have a B.C. provincial election.

When John Horgan became premier of B.C., leading an NDP minority government with the support of the B.C. Green party, he signed a agreement with the B.C. Green Party agreeing not to have a provincial election until his four year mandate was up. On Friday, Sept 18, B.C. Green party leader Sonia Furstenau met with John Horgan to remind him of the agreement and told him that her party would give him full support until the election date of October, 2021. He ignored the notion and has called a provincial election.

Horgan is saying that he is giving the citizens of B.C. a decision of who they want to govern the province for the next four years.

In reality, in his own mind, he is admitting that he cannot win the election next year if it was held on the standard date of every four years.

His record of governing during the past three and a half years is unsatisfactory and what he has planned in his next hidden agenda will rival the taxpayers.

Doctor Bonnie Henry, the chief medical officer of B.C. has no affiliation with government politics, although John Horgan did not get her opinion on his decision to have a provincial election in the middle of the COVID pandemic.

Presently, B.C. has the highest rate of active COVID-19 cases per capita in Canada.

In the meantime, seven of Horgan’s cabinet ministers have officially resigned from running in the upcoming election. One of the seven has resigned due to health reasons.

Horgan’s decision was also backed by his Chief of Staff, Geoff Meggs. Geoff Meggs in no angel.

Present NDP MLAs Mike Farnworth and Adrian Dix are no angels either.

Since John Horgan became B.C.’s premier, he has never done any research, period.

If he would have done his research, he would have noticed that past provincial premiers called provincial elections when they were not needed to be called.

Former B.C. NDP premier Dave Barrett called a provincial election unnoticed to his cabinet. His cabinet found out about the snap election call watching the news on TV.

Former Conservative Alberta premier Jim Prentiss, former NDP Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow, and former Liberal Ontario premier David Peterson also called unnecessary provincial elections and along with Dave Barrett all lost their government power in the election.

John Horgan is heading to be included in the NDP hall of fame. The fame is provincial NDP governments that were voted out of office after only being in government one term.

Already included in the NDP Hall of Fame is the first NDP B.C. government, the NDP government of Alberta, the NDP government of Ontario, and the NDP government of Nova Scotia.

John Horgan is not facing reality. He is only thinking about securing his job, and absolutely no thought in regards to B.C. citizens and the future of B.C.

John Horgan has followed the standard checklist of an NDP government.

In the former government of B.C., B.C. had surplus budgets and Horgan has turned this around to deficit budgets.

In the former government of B.C., B.C. was the number one province with the lowest unemployment rate. Horgan has now turned this around of B.C. now having the seventh lowest unemployment rate of the 10 provinces.

In the former government of B.C., B.C. had the only AAA credit rating in Canada.

Today Horgan has still maintained the AAA credit rating but now with billion dollar deficits, B.C. will lose their AAA credit rating.

In summary, the provincial election call was unnecessary and the result will be John Horgan winning his MLA seat but losing government and returning to the official leader of the opposition in the Legislature.

Horgan will then resign as opposition leader, also resign his MLA seat.

No other province in Canada has an NDP government.


Joe Sawchuk


Cowichan Valley Citizen