Resident expresses some concerns about the Regional District of North Okanagan

As I was reading the unfolding of the Stickle Road story, the Greater Vernon master water plan story and some others, I was each time ready to take to the pen or computer and write to you about my own thoughts and experiences.

Each time, though, I did not because I wanted to give our government the chance to correct their wrongdoings over the past four years, without losing face in public. They did not take the many opportunities we gave them, but are, in fact, getting bolder every day.

Vernonites should not be surprised by the story of Camille Martens, with her Okanagan Rhythmic Gymnastic Club. This is how our Regional District of North Okanagan operates. And it is the public support behind Martens that prompted  RDNO to change its mind. Today is the time to share my story.

ln 2012, RDNO and an engineering firm planning the twinning of the water main on Old Kamloops Road, invaded our land with two new water lines, one for domestic and one unnecessary for irrigation. RDNO did not have a statutory right-of-way to do either. In fact, it did not have anything but the engineered plan to plow their way through our property and our lives.

After lawyers, appraisals and surveys, we had an agreement with RDNO in 2013. RDNO paid for our costs and purchased the 150-by-six-metre right-of-way. This agreement, though, was again obtained with promises that RDNO did not keep and made changes that were not discussed.

In 2014, my husband Ruedi suffered a stroke after a two-hour, very heated meeting on site with RDNO in the scorching, summer sun. None of my letters were answered and not even the involvement of the ombudsperson was of any help.

We either have people in government with their own agenda, or they are totally incompetent. It could be both, but I rather think it is the latter.

Our governing fathers and mothers are not here to take care of their families, but are in for the next election and the power game it entails.

The arrogance of our politicians is only equalled by their absolute lack of common sense, education and courtesy. The minute they sit on their little thrones, they forget who they are, and act like narcissistic, little kings, ruthlessly ignoring the outcries of their serfs.

I think it is time for Greater Vernon to wake up and make Vernon great again. I applaud and thank all of the people and letter writers who put their thoughts and themselves out there to be acclaimed or scrutinized, Thank you. Remember as they say, the “power of the people is stronger than the people in power.”

Melanie Affolter

Rural Vernon


Vernon Morning Star