Bright idea for tunnel


The problem with the tunnel…


The problem with the tunnel

As all can plainly see,

Is that it’s too dark in there

To drive with certainty.

When going through the entrance

Into the depths of dark,

Some people slow down so much,

You think they’re going to park.


Because they’ve got their shades on

While texting on the phone,

Young drivers show their brake lights

As older drivers moan.


The easy way to solve this

And make the traffic flow:

Just brighten up the tunnel,

And make the inside glow.


Get a man who has a brush

To paint the walls in white,

And wires with electricity

Should power lots of light.


That way the journey won’t seem

Like going down a mine.

Instead with lights and vision,

We’ll get to work on time.

Peter Clay, Surrey



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