Both have poor mental health records

Put them all in the army? one option that might work for some

Editor, The News:

Re: Military duties could end homelessness (Letters, June 19).

Mike Boileau offered a solution to the homeless who are able-bodied and fit to work. They would be housed, fed, clothed, and have opportunity to be educated.

It’s an option, while others offer no solution.

A commentator on Facebook brought up the closure of Riverview as a contributor to the mentally ill homeless. He wrote, “since respective right wing parties shut down all the facilities for the mentally ill … ”

Sorry, the NDP in 1998 announced a $125 million, seven-year mental health plan. Trouble was it wasn’t in the budget and never implemented.

The NDP also supported the downsizing of Riverview and in its last year in power 808 Riverview beds were not replaced.

Both parties have poor records on mental health.

Reason? There’s no money or votes in it.

Cherryl Katnich

Maple Ridge


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