Boitanio Park or bust

Kudos to Travis Anthony, John-Paul Albinati and their friends.

Kudos to Travis Anthony, John-Paul Albinati and their friends.

The two Williams Lake men have stepped up to the plate to encourage the rest of us to help improve safety in Williams Lake.

Both men are organizing events in Boitanio Park to promote making it a safe place for our youth.

Anthony’s peace rally, skateboard and bike jam takes place this Saturday, March 26, from 3 to 6:30 p.m.

Albinati’s community information, barbecue, and live entertainment event takes place Sunday, April 3, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Albinati’s invited community policing and other organizations to be there in hopes people will want to sign up and become volunteers.

Both guys grew up in Williams Lake and said the robbery at gunpoint of a teenager’s birthday bike last month was unacceptable.

So many times people throw up their hands asking when somebody is going to do something, but as Albinati said it so well, we are all that somebody.

Boitanio Park is in the heart of our city and it deserves our care and attention.

The Rotary Club of Williams Lake has been working on better lighting for the park and the dog park has provided an incentive for other people to use the park.

On Thursday evenings in the summer we have the concerts in the park presented by the arts council and on Fridays the farmer’s market.

This year’s second annual winter carnival was another success and the annual school district cross country races, kidney walks and cancer walks are always well attended.

Perhaps we should start bag lunch Wednesdays or picnic Saturdays. Anything to let it be known the park belongs to all of us.

– Williams Lake Tribune


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