Blue Jays playoff baseball and federal politics

The Canadian election surprised many people when Justin Trudeau captured so many seats across the country.

The Canadian election surprised many people when Justin Trudeau captured so many seats across the country. I’m not sure that the Liberals would have suspected a red tide across Canada.

Congratulations to our new Prime Minister, one of the youngest ever to govern our fine country.

Putting together a cabinet that is expected to be made up of an equal number of men and women will be one of his first jobs, then attending world conferences, bringing in more refugees quickly and running the country.

That’s a pretty gruelling lifestyle. Good thing he’s young.

There will be a new minister of environment, a new minister that will look after mines and perhaps a change of mind from that of the Conservatives to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, would make it worthwhile for Taseko Mines Ltd. to submit another application for the New Prosperity Mine.

We have two Conservatives representing the area from Kamloops through to Prince  George and it will be interesting to see how they operate in an opposition position.

For newcomer MP Todd Doherty, this should be a real introduction to the world of federal politics.

As a former hockey coach, let’s see how he can stick handle his way through the myriad of information he will be required to absorb in a short period.

Early in the federal election I cautioned about reading too much into the polls and after this election pundits are coming out to say we should not put any faith in polls. Duh.

They can only give you a very small snapshot, and it may be not quite the right picture.

Good fortune to our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

Last Monday many in this country were switching between getting the results of the election and watching the Blue Jays.

The Jays are somehow managing to stay alive and with a decisive win on Wednesday, and tonight there will be no election to split the audience, there should be a big number of Canadians tuning in for this one. Go Jays.

I like this time of the year. Playoff baseball, CFL football and hockey can pretty much take up a weekend day.

Ken Wilson is a freelance columnist with the Tribune/Weekend Advisor.


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