Beware sales tactics

A reader writes regarding a firm using questionable sales tactics.

Dear Editor,

A door-to-door salesman came by one day last week. The young man claimed to represent Healthtek Enterprises, and had a short questionnaire.

I asked him who the client was. He was evasive, finally responding that “it was us”. The introduction included issues such as COPD, which is reaching almost epidemic proportions in North America. So I answered the questions and gave him my telephone number, and he gave me a card saying that I was enrolled to win $20,000 in a cash giveaway. Then he left.

I looked up the company on the web. It is based in Ohio and has an office in Coquitlam, and sells air filtering equipment. It also has a reputation for borderline sleazy sales tactics.

I am not worried about being harassed by them, as I can quickly get up on my hind haunches in superb good ol’ boy fashion; or failing that, easily block their telephone number. But I am concerned that such sales tactics could exploit some seniors and other vulnerable people in the community.

Erik Poole



Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal