Beware as stores raise prices after tax cuts

A reader warns that some stores are taking advantage of tax cuts to increase prices on some products.

Dear Editor,

Progress was made when the B.C. government recognized that feminine products are a necessity and a very costly burden for women, and legislated that they are to be non-taxable starting July 2015. Greed became evident when it was brought to my attention that a drug store chain with stores throughout Kamloops (and B.C.) is raising the prices on all feminine products effective July 1.

Apparently the chain reasoned that it will take advantage and scoop in extra revenue that the government has forfeited, since women are forced to pay—and used to paying—whatever the price. The timing of the corporate policy is strategic and alarming. I cannot do anything about it except to warn women to be aware of sudden price increases, and move your business to the businesses that best represent your interests.

Now that prescriptions are online, moving to another drug store is easy. I am the mother of two daughters, and seeing as how the chain in question is next to other feminine product and drug providers, we are moving our business elsewhere. We estimate this business is worth more than $14,000 per year for purchases of prescription drugs plus over-the counter drugs, vitamins, makeup, some food items, hair products, gift cards and gifts, seasonal items, magazines, etc. (they do not sell clothing). Buyer be aware.

Victoria Weller,



Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal