Beef to the woman at the supermarket who was measuring out bulk spices pinch by pinch with her bare hands. I told her that that was really unsanitary and she studiously ignored me.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 8

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BOUQUET To the car navigation system programmers. All area roads seem to be properly spelled with one absolutely perfect exception: Malahate Highway.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about the person reacting to the screamer. Your judgmental words contradict what you state yourself and there is more than one way to approach a situation but to jump in with eyes closed is not safe.

BOUQUET Many downtown streets in Europe are pedestrian only. What a pleasure it is to walk and spend money there. As long as there is parking available close by and delivery trucks can access during off-peak hours. Commercial Street and side streets would be a pleasure to visit, with a facelift.

BEEF To the person suggesting locked storage for cannabis gummies. Should we also lock up vodka drinks as well? Or should we all just be responsible parents?

BOUQUET To Departure Bay Dental, wonderful, kind, expert professionals with the best floor-to-ceiling sea view while you’re getting your teeth done.

BEEF To all those who leave their vehicles idling with the air conditioning on while parked. Where do you think this record heat and smoke we’re having comes from? If you think your car gets hot now just think how it’s going to be for our children.

BOUQUET To the beefer regarding the Wallace, Albert and Victoria intersection. After extensive research on Google maps, we applaud your suggestion for drivers to use their signal. Moving forward we will implement this in our conscious driving practices.

BEEF To those who thought that making you give out your name and phone number everywhere you go for COVID-19 tracking wouldn’t lead to a surge in identity theft. Well done folks.

BOUQUET To the graffiti artist at the old Island Highway and Norwell. I can’t believe I am stating that as I despise the vandalism of graffiti. But having had the honour of spending time with Eric in London I have to agree: ‘Clapton is God.’

BEEF To RDN Transit for instructing drivers to just let people get on the bus and ride free without question. Why should the rest of us be penalized for being honest and paying our fares? Why are taxpayers picking up the tab for these fare dodgers?

BOUQUET To the homeowners on the corner of Dover and McGirr roads in keeping your property and the boulevard so tidy and clean. Thank you,

BEEF To the woman at the supermarket who was measuring out bulk spices pinch by pinch with her bare hands. I told her that that was really unsanitary and she studiously ignored me. Three years ago that would have been disgusting, now it’s worse. I hope you burn whatever you’re baking with it.

BOUQUET To Thrifty Foods at Longwood Station. Thank you for the loan of your tent canopies. Much appreciated by Parkwood Village to enjoy a get-together.

BEEF To my new neighbour. Moving to beautiful Fairwinds and seeing you walk onto our property every day to let your dog do its business to protect your landscaping is just delightful.

BOUQUET To Alex, sorry-not sorry to see you leave for school. Best of luck in your future endeavours. Red car suits you nicely. Cheers.

BEEF To those who felt it necessary to whoop every 20 seconds alongside the wall-shaking bass I had to endure for 10 hours. Thanks for the super-spreader party, can’t wait to read about y’all in our next Island COVID update.

BOUQUET To our neighbours who listen to awesome, wonderful music whether they like it or not.

BEEF To the city for worrying about the courier drivers sorting their packages in the gravel parking lot. They are quiet; why does this bother council? Look at all the drug dealers around town parked for hours selling their drugs, police and council do nothing to address this issue, yet a legitimate company is frowned upon.

BOUQUET To Apbee who is the best at what she does always with a smile and a friendly tone. You are amazing.

BEEF I want to emphasize to all motorists, when backing out of driveways, be aware of pedestrians. They have the right of way. It happened to me a few days ago. The person had only one thing on their mind and that was to get onto a busy road. Scary.

BOUQUET To Jen. You rock. We see you and we reach.

BEEF To the beefer who beefed about the beefs. Beef is delicious, yum yum.

BOUQUET To the Trading Post Feed and Tack store for brightening our days over the past year. Couldn’t wait to drive by and see who the horse was. My favourite has to be Bernie Sanders – loved his hair, ear muffs, sweater and mittens. Thank you for taking the time. Made me smile.

BEEF I have a question: Where are all the homeless people coming from? We never had this many before.

BOUQUET I enjoyed a delicious meal at Milano’s and when it was time to pay, the server told me a lady had paid my bill and included a dessert. How very kind. Many thanks for making my day. Also many thanks to the person who paid for coffee for my partner and I at Tim Hortons. We are a couple of 80-plus-year-olds who are very appreciative of your kindness. I will pay both forward to cancer research.

BEEF To the beefer who wants bouquets only. We need to see the beefs. Some of them are not always agreeable to everyone, but most of them have valid points and inform us about public issues.

BOUQUET For Lindsey and the other employee with the brown hair for treating me with such care at the Rutherford Life Labs. Your professionalism with an issue and help meant the world.

BEEF My dad suffers at home as both legs have been poorly amputated. We are looking for a doctor to properly sew the leg closed instead of prescribing antibiotics and painkillers.

BOUQUET To all the individuals continuing the portable speaker debate on both sides. You all keep me laughing whether that is your intention or not.

BEEF To the ships in Ladysmith Harbour waiting for their turns to pick up cargo. Noise every day and night in front of homes. Is there any excuse for loud noises every night at midnight?

BEEF To the grocery store that plays very vulgar rap music audible to all who shop there. I was raised in a trucking family and I was shocked. The manager was very accommodating, but stated he had no control over the music. If I hear it again, I will report it to the head office. Too bad, I really love the staff there.

BEEF To the fast food restaurant. I asked twice if you could remove the harmful language against RCMP on your plexiglass screen where you order inside. You twice ignored me so now everyone knows.

BEEF To the beefer who complained about Joseph Pulitzer who raised the price of papers in 1899, hence adversely affecting paperboys’ incomes. It is petty of you to reach so far back into history for a complaint. Our economic system is capitalism. People enter freely into contracts for their labour. All were free to go elsewhere to sell their labour. The free market determines wages based on skills and demand.

BEEF To all the little drivers who gun their engines when going south up Departure Bay Road hill. Sorry for your inadequacies. But your various modes of transportation all have enough power to climb that hill at normal speed so imagine yourself living in the Departure Bay neighbourhood with your excruciating noise.

BEEF To the RCMP. Daily, at all hours, excessively noisy vehicles speed past the detachment and nothing is done about it. Get out there and enforce the law, it’s your job. The city also has bylaws forbidding this noise but doesn’t enforce them. Be part of the solution not part of the problem. Make our city quieter and safer.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for perpetuating the fiasco of Opal Road. How long are the tax-paying residents of this city going to be dictated to which roads they can and cannot use because certain individuals don’t like it? Parking your vehicles along the sides of this street to try and control the flow of traffic, is not only dangerous, it should be illegal.

BEEF To politicians from all sides for the cyclical routine of empty promises, literal baby kissing and scandal. You give me something to laugh about every day and definitely every election.

BEEF To the ‘stewards’ of the land. I saw you partying and wondered if all your garbage would be there the next day. No surprise it was.

BEEF To B.C. Parks and the DFO for allowing a small provincial park at Yellow Point to become a public crabbing ground for off-Island visitors. People cannot swim or explore the rock pools safely anymore without the danger of tripping over ropes. The sitting and viewing area has become a storage area and the bush has become an open toilet.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo busker licensing, can you please audition the prospective buskers to ensure they can actually play an instrument and sing?

BEEF To the dance studio. If you are going to make summer camp mandatory, follow your schedule and don’t waste parents’ time with classes we didn’t ask for. It is very hard on parents who work during the day to get our kids to dance and upsetting to find out the schedule was not followed.

BEEF To the proliferation of little signs popping up on power poles. This is littering and very distracting to drivers who should have their eyes on the road. My daughter was almost run over by one of these distracted drivers. Some of the signs are also downright rude. Why are you ruining our beautiful city?

BEEF To the guy who vandalized our truck at Cedar boat ramp. I have filed a report with the RCMP, with luck they’ll be coming to visit you soon.

BEEF To all the people discriminating against those who aren’t comfortable being vaccinated. It does not reduce transmission, therefore your claims about affecting other people are irrelevant. Let people make their own medical choices.

BEEF To the the company for taking over a great business and pushing out all of the longtime employees. Shame on you. I used to enjoy getting my oil changed there but will not be back and I know I am not the only one.

BEEF I am just curious why people buy trucks but never take them off-road?

BEEF Vancouver Island is a vacation destination, I grew up here and as a local I know how spoiled we are. Super natural! Why is it I see vehicles with out-of-province and U.S. plates, littering, driving like maniacs, cutting people off, not signalling? You’re a guest here, slow down, enjoy yourself and be kind to our paradise.

BEEF Whether people decide to get the vaccination or not, we do not get to judge people. The vaccination is not a cure, it’s a buffer, a blanket of safety. You should still practise clean hygiene, and let’s stop yelling at each other and fighting over masks. Humans can decide to be vaccinated or not. There will always be bugs and flus getting us sick. We just need to manage it better. Life is short, smile and go enjoy yourself and don’t worry about people you do not know.

BEEF Do some single people with multiple pets wonder why they are single? Hello, nobody wants to date someone covered in pet hair, or pretend to be nice to their pets, I don’t care how good-looking you are.

BEEF How am I meeting so many local Island adults who cannot swim? If you are surrounded by ocean and can’t swim, your parents failed you. Teach your little ones to swim. Water babies are happy babies. Just not at a certain lake unless you like swimmer’s itch.

BEEF To the employee from a nearby municipality driving the blue Ford. Terrible human for throwing a cigarette butt out his window near bark mulch. Apparently not liked by anyone in the town.

BEEF To the thrift shop that yelled at me for having more than two bags to donate. Glad there are more places that happily let me donate.

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