Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 20

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BOUQUET To the lady behind me in line at Save-On-Foods Brooks Landing. She saw me rummaging through my purse to find my charge card and she paid my bill and used my points card.

BEEF To the city for approving a new house build which allowed the owner to create a full basement out of solid rock. Local residents have been subjected to months of mind-numbing, migraine causing, non-stop rock crushing noise.

BOUQUET To all the generous donors who gave to the Stock the Lockers fundraising campaign to help SD68 students in need of school supplies and food to start their day of learning.

BEEF To the drop-in clinic for turning away people for not producing their B.C. Care Cards. My step-son had to go to the emergency room after being turned down at the clinic, which takes up more time and resources for emergency services.

BOUQUET To the woman pharmacist at Rexall Drugs Dufferin Crescent. She is always very professional, knowledgeable and takes time with you even when she is extremely busy.

BEEF With lung disease you have rights to a regular fitting room, which you have to pass to get to the handicap one. Leave handicap ones for wheelchairs.

BOUQUET To Janet in the cosmetic department of London Drugs Port Place who returned a $20 bill I lost. Bless you Janet and London Drugs for the great employees you have in your store.

BEEF To the supermarket that prominently advertised prime rib roast in their Thanksgiving flyer and neglected to have an adequate quantity available for their customers.

BOUQUET To Leon Davis and all the volunteers at Nanaimo’s SPCA centre. Thank you for all the good work you do.

BEEF To B.C. Med. They will not give out the address for appealing premium assistance over the telephone. They have to send it in a letter. I thought we were trying to become a paperless society.

BOUQUET To Deb and Bill for hosting and arranging the seventh annual block party. It was wonderful – games, food and meeting old and new neighbours.

BEEF To Mother Nature and her sort. I hear you are responsible for upping the price of gasoline: up when it’s cold, up when it’s warm, up when it’s stormy, up when it’s sunny, up at sun-up, up at sundown, even more up when it’s full moon, up on long weekends, up when schools close, up when the one per cent feel down, up, up and up.

BOUQUET To ladies auxiliary and Royal Canadian Legion Branch 257 (Lantzville) for their Minetown Day participation. Way to go team.

BEEF To those who sell fireworks outside the city limits, and an even bigger beef to those who set off firecrackers in residential areas, terrifying dogs and small children. One of our dogs required emergency care she was so terrified of the noise.

BOUQUET To the many kind people in this town. Wherever I go, hobbling along with my cane, someone opens a door, carries my shopping and many other things.

BOUQUET To Brian and the rest of the crew at Helpline. They make you feel very calm and do an excellent job.

BOUQUET To  Joe at Kellers Jewellers in Lantzville. You fixed my bracelet in two minutes after the store I bought it in said they would have to send it away. You have a new customer.

BOUQUET To Tracy Berg and her outstanding work with Relay for Life and Tour de Rock for the Canadian Cancer Society. She puts her whole heart into her exceptional achievements with these fundraisers.

BOUQUET To organizers of the International Day of Peace and Freedom celebration and everyone who attended.

BOUQUET To the young ladies who were so helpful at Staples Brooks Landing for making a 50th birthday picture book for my sister-in-law.

BOUQUET To Daryl Marklinger, a very nice, intelligent gentleman with a lot of knowledge, for saving my life when I got stuck in the elevator. To the property management company for its quick response to the call.

BOUQUET To the gardeners of the Nanaimo Yacht Club. The planters filled with purple petunias are one of the best sights along the Harbourfront Walkway. I enjoy their scent and brilliant colour each and every time I walk between them.

BOUQUET To our neighbourhood cats who keep our neighbourhood rodent-free and even cover their droppings.

BOUQUET I was so pleased with the help given by Home Hardware staff that I have to tell everyone. Not only was the product and price excellent, but the warmth and support of staff superb.

BOUQUET To Michelle at Brooks Landing Staples for being so helpful and patient with two oldies ordering return address labels.

BOUQUET To Robert and Advantage Vacuum at Terminal Park for friendly, prompt and efficient customer service and for free repair of a vacuum hose.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo and Victoria junior football players. Last week’s playoff game was terrific entertainment.

BOUQUET To Nathan and his wife and the people who were camped next to him for the help you gave me when I was at the lake.

BOUQUET To Eric McLean at McLean’s Specialty Foods in the Old City Quarter for agreeing to supply the Nanaimo SPCA Paws for a Cause event with an assortment of fresh and delicious cheeses along with some delightfully crisp crackers, after our initial catering plans went a bit sideways.

BOUQUET To Arbutus Home Service, Norm’s Mobile Services Ltd., and Aristocrat Arctic Cladding for fixing my home. Beef To all the contractors who never called back.

BOUQUET To my amazing fiancée Kennedy for always being there for me and being the best mother to our beautiful daughter.

BOUQUET To Renee and Peter Thomas who dedicated their precious time and talents to our community during their many years with the Hub City Lions Club. We wish them the best of luck on their new adventure.

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